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   Security cameras Margahayuland [5/4/2013 02:29AM]   

How to park a car is good and right is one thing that needs to be controlled by the driver of the car. Inattention while parked car can cause damage and harm to the car, so a car parked techniques and how best that could be done to consider in order tehindar of all the possibilities that result in damage to the car when parked. Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Margahayuland perumahan

Many people today know how to drive but very few people know how to park his car properly. It should be understood that the rider is proficient not only drove well on the highway, but also able to park his car properly.

We may often see many parking spaces are left in vain just because someone does not park their cars straight. Or just maybe you too have had trouble out of your parking spot for your car blocking other cars. The following tips are good vehicles parker and correct:

Look for a parking space large enough to park a car to avoid parking means you end up scratched another person's car.
Strive parking by way of retreat, although looks difficult but it is actually easier for you and do not forget to turn on the turn signal when parking.
Be sure to give the distance to the car behind and in front of you, if you intend to park the car in the middle of two other cars.
Open the car window while parked diarea tape and turn off the radio or music in your car for better concentration and listen to something around you before they could see it.
Use third mirror (right, center, and left) to memanuverkan your car. Do not forget to make the distance as well with the car on the left and the right.
Strive to pull the hand brake when you park the car. If you park on the street or climb down, try to put the gear or gear when turning off the car. This is in case the handbrake can not support the weight of the car when it was parked on uneven roads.
One thing often overlooked is not to open the car door too wide or the rush that eventually hit the other person's car. Strive to slowly open the car door, especially when you park in a way oblique / slant.

Basically the park is looking for the right place with the suitability of the size of your car. So look for a place that if it was really right to park the car. Do not rush in choosing a car park just because there is a car behind you that's not the main reason you immediately parked the car but more preferred car park is best for your car. Security cameras Kata Kata Mutiara Margahayuland perumahan




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